Message from OB/OG

惠土 巧司さん

Realize your concept!

Koji Edo
University: Kindai University
Team Name: Kindai University Robot Research Group
Role in the Team: Operator (in the competition)
electrical parts of the rescue robots (in the development phase)
ResCon experience: 2001 and 2002

I remember well that all of our team members thought about the concept and discussed how to realize it. And I still cannot forget the excitement when our robots worked properly at the contest. Everyone, please do your best!

Comment by Takayuki Iwakuma (ResCon Executive Committee Member)

Mr Edo is currently developing and testing control technologies for aerial ladder trucks. Even after graduating ResCon, he is still thinking about saving many lives actually. It would be very exciting when such a difficult theme for saving lives is realized and works out properly!

佐和 称範さん

Do your best. The result is secondary.

Mitsunori Sawa
Current affiliation: Sharp Business Solutions Corporation Osaka Field Support Department
Alma Mater: Osaka Municipal Miyakojima Technical Senior High School
Team Name: Miyakou Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Role in the Team: Operator
ResCon experience: 2007

Thinking back on ResCon, I had been absorbed in ResCon, losing my sense of time. Conflicts of opinions and the achievement by overcoming the failures, such experiences and emotions at that time are still the cornerstone of my attitude towards work even now. Please do not concern the result too much and fully enjoy the ResCon!

Comment by Takayuki Iwakuma (ResCon Executive Committee Member)

Forgetting time and sometimes conflicting is certainly a proof of seriousness of the entire team. Please enjoy ResCon, as well as difficulties and adversities, with your best friends!

太田 俊介さん

Have many experiences!

Shunsuke Ota
Current affiliation: Graduate School of Science and Engineering for Research, University of Toyama
University: Okayama Prefectural University
Team name: Mechaniker
Role in the Team: Captain and operator
ResCon experience: 5 times in total in 2007 through 2013

When I joined ResCon, I did everything from robot design and programming to progress management. Such a wide range of experience has been helpful in conducting my research. The experience you gain from ResCon would be like nothing else. So, please do your best!

Comment by Takayuki Iwakuma (ResCon Executive Committee Member)

Researchers are expected to master their specialties by thinking not only from their own field but also from various perspectives. It is the attraction of ResCon that one can have diverse experiences such as team management besides just developing robots.

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