Robot x Rescue Forum 2022

Robot x Rescue Forum 2022

This forum has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.
Materials and photos of the day will be published on the page for participating teams. I am

Robot x Rescue Forum 2022 Information


"Robot x Rescue Forum 2022" will be held on Saturday, December 3, 2022 as follows. This time, it will be held online to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
The Rescue Robot Contest Executive Committee conducts disaster prevention enlightenment activities under the philosophy of "learning technology, talking with people, and creating a disaster-resistant world." Since 2000, we have held the Rescue Robot Contest every year. In January 2015, we established R&R Community, a general incorporated association, as an organization that manages and manages businesses such as this rest computer.
As part of this disaster prevention enlightenment activity, the purpose of this forum is to provide topics related to disaster relief and robots not only for those who are interested in disaster control, but also for the general public. This forum will be held in two parts, "Rescue Engineering Symposium 2021" and "Rescue Symposium 2021" co-sponsored by the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, Rescue Engineering Division, System Integration Division. Please join us after inviting everyone.
In addition, we are planning to hold the preliminary competition online as "Rescue Robot Contest 2023" on June 25, 2023, and the final competition will be held at Kobe Sambo Hall on August 11 and 12, 2023. I'm here. The "Rescon Symposium 2022" in the latter half of this forum also serves as an information session for this contest.

General Incorporated Association R&R Community
Bando Kobe Youth Science Museum
Teams considering participating in Rescon 2023, firefighters, general public, etc.

Overall Schedule

■ December 3 10:00-12:00
Rescue Engineering Symposium 2022
■ December 3 13:00-16:30
Rescon Symposium 2022

*For details of each symposium, please refer to the link above.


Webinar using Zoom


Participation fee
Anyone can participate (no pre-registration required). Please prepare a network communication environment. Also, please obtain a Zoom account in advance.
How to participate
A webinar link common to both symposiums will be posted after 17:00 on Thursday, December 1.

Rescue Engineering Symposium 2022 Overview

The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, System Integration Division, Rescue Engineering Subcommittee
Lecture 1 "Social implementation of inspection robots from disaster response robot technology and application to disaster response"
Hiroyoshi Takakura (Sanritsu Automation Co., Ltd.)
Lecture 2 "Unmanned construction and intelligent construction system"
Mr. Takushi Chiba (Fujita Corporation)

Rescon Symposium 2022 Overview

Rescue Robot Contest Executive Committee
Greeting and explanation
Masayuki Okugawa (Professor, Aichi Institute of Technology/Chairman of Rescue Robot Contest Executive Committee)
Lecture "Past Disasters and Expectations for Rescue Robots Working Indoors"
Mr. Kazuhiro Tanaka (Kobe City Fire Department Security Department Security Division Special Advanced Rescue Team)
"About Rescue Robot Contest 2023"
Rescue Robot Contest Executive Committee
"Rescon 2022 Rescue Engineering Grand Prize Winning Team Demonstration"
MCT (Matsue National College of Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering)
"Closing Remarks"
Mr. Kazuya Suzuki (President, Sanritsu Automation Co., Ltd.)