Request for donation

Request for Donation to Rescue Robot Contest

Our executive committee has been holding a rescue robot contest since the year 2000 to provide opportunities for students who aspire to be young engineers to present their technological capabilities, and to raise the awareness of disaster prevention among visitors. With the aim of promoting understanding of rescue robots and rescue robots, we have been working to develop human resources for engineers and raise awareness of fire prevention and disaster prevention, based on the philosophy of "learning technology, talking with people, and creating a disaster-resistant world."
In order to further enhance and develop future human resource development for engineers and enlightenment activities for fire prevention and disaster prevention awareness, we have decided to solicit donations from the general public as follows.
We would like to ask for the special support and cooperation of individuals (team participants, race contest graduates, rescue robot researchers, and general volunteers), corporations, and organizations.

1. Projects funded by donations

Expenses required for the Rescue Robot Contest (expenses related to field construction, competition management, and construction and management of Asobo-Learn-Robot Land)

2. Donation amount

One unit for both individuals and corporations is 3,000 yen

3. Reception period


4. Tax exemption for donations

There is no tax exemption for this donation

5. Donation application method and donation procedure

Where to apply and contact for donations (Please contact us by fax)

Rescue Robot Contest Executive Committee Treasurer (FAX: 06-6727-2024)
〒577-8502 3-4-1 Kowakae, Higashi-Osaka City Kinki University Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering Responsible accountant Giichi Otsubo