Qualifying Contest

Qualifying Contest in Osaka

2017/Jun/25(Sun)13:30-16:30(Open 12:45)

admission free
Kitaosaka Advanced Vocational Training Center
(2-11-40 Tsudayamate Hirakata Osaka)
There is no parking lot for visitors. Please come by public transport.
We will operate a direct bus from Kawachi Binbo Station for general visitors. Bus schedule

Competition order (Osaka)

Blue side Red side
14:20~14:28 First competitionMIC team RHIGO mokkosu
14:34~14:42 Second competitionMCTRESCUE Mr.HOT
14:48~14:56Third competitionToku-Fight!Robo.Lab.
15:02~15:10Fourth competitionMecha!*oka* Q
15:20~15:28Fifth competitionNadayori Aiwo KometeRokko-oroshi
15:34~15:42Sixth competitionSUKUITAIOIT Eng-Junior
15:48~15:56Seventh competitionMiyakou Mechanic and ElectricLet's do our best KOBE
16:02~16:10Eighth competitionRescue GORILLA!!Fukaken&D

Competition time is approximate. Schedule may be changed.

Qualifying Contest in Tokyo

2017/Jul/2(Sun) 13:30-16:00 (Open:12:45)

admission free
Arakawa Campus of the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology

Competition order (Tokyo)

Blue side
14:20~14:28First competitionNagakute Borders
14:34~14:42Second competitionPeace Mate
14:48~14:56Third competitionIPL0x16
15:02~15:10Fourth competitionRescue YARAMAIKA
15:16~15:24Fifth competitionRMF rescue
15:30~15:38Sixth competitionC.I.T. Arakawa Rescue Team

Competition time is approximate. Schedule may be changed.

Outline of qualifying Contest


In the contest venue, there is a one-sixth scaled experiment field simulating an urban area that has suffered an earthquake, where rescue dummies (called “Damiyan”) simulating victims are placed. Each team launches their robots from the robot base located at both sides of the field and has to rescue two Damiyans within the time limit (8 minutes).

In the qualifying contest, teams are allowed to sight the field directly, while in the final contest they have to control the robots remotely from the control room, relying only on the images from the on-board cameras.

The contest is evaluated based on the total score considering both the damage to the Damiyans and the level of achievement of Damiyan rescue. Damage is evaluated by sensors embedded in each Damiyan. The level of achievement of Damiyan rescue will be evaluated in three levels: “completion of rescue” (rescuing the Damiyan from the debris), “completion of transportation” (carrying the Damiyan back to the robot base), and “individual identification” (identification of the Damiyan).

Final Contest Selection Criteria

The teams for the final contest will be selected according to the following criteria.

  • The 1 teams with the highest Confirmed Points of each contests (total 2 teams)
  • The 7 teams with the highest Confirmed Points of both contests
  • The 4 teams with highly rated ideas, etc.,excepting the 9 teams with the highest Confirmed Points.
  • 1 organizer’s recommendation team (selected at document review)

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